I’m Jason Kirsch, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and founder of Grow. I’m on a mission to empower my generation to take control of their future.

After a number of years in the financial services industry, I began to realize that my younger clients required a different type of financial advice. Not just a tweak of the service I was providing for older clients, but something new altogether. The Financial Crisis of 2008 was a game changer. Millennials especially will feel its ripple effects for years. And the financial markets themselves have changed.

I saw that Millennials faced a unique set of challenges. But I also saw that they brought a unique skill-set to those challenges: they are smart with money, distrust financial institutions, and think like entrepreneurs. In other words, I saw that in crisis there is opportunity. To make up for bad economic timing, Millennials were going to have to be great, savvy investors—and they were more than up to the task.

So I wrote The Millennial Advantage to try to capture the crossroads we face in the wake of the Financial Crisis, and the Great Recession that followed. I don’t shy away from the very real obstacles to building wealth and security in these uncertain times. But I remain optimistic, and introduce you to the conceptual tools you’ll need to take control of your own financial wellbeing. More than ever, you will have to step forward and take consistent positive action.


our core beliefs

Long-term success in investing comes from the power of compounding—not just of interest and return, but of advantages created by smart choices about risk, cost, and value.  A strong process is key to making consistent decisions.

Our clients shouldn’t have to fight for transparency.  Prior to working together, you’ll understand exactly how much is coming out of your pocket.  We’ll even compare our cost, to our competition so you can make an independent and informed decision.


Long-term success in life also comes from the power of compounding—of choices, habits, routines, skills. The best plan is one that remains dynamic but cont. develops financial capital and human capital at the same time.

We relentlessly challenge the norm.  This company was built because we weren’t afraid to ask “why”? We want our clients to uphold the same attitude in life, always searching for the best, never settling for anything less.

Our clients are more than their wallets. We don't have any minimums and we seek to help our clients build value that can’t always be measured in numbers. After all, there is no more important investment than the one in yourself.

You won't find your investment strategies on the shelf.  We intelligently build unique portfolios that are tailored for our clients needs, goals, aspirations and capacity to bear risk.  We minimize costs and maximize efficiency by investing in a mixture of individual securities and low-cost ETFs.

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