The services offered by a lot of financial advisors look like they’re straight out of the tv show Madmen: an era when you graduated from college, worked for one company for 40 years, and then retired with a pension and social security.

Life isn’t like this anymore.

For many millennials, your twenties and thirties are a time to find your way—and to at least start positioning yourself for future success. “Wealth management” might as well be a foreign language, so you assume that financial planning (and long-term planning in general) will have to wait until later in life. 

That’s where we come in.

We help you develop a strategy for building financial capital and human capital, in whatever way best suits you, your situation, and your aspirations.  

If you’re ready to start investing seriously, I can walk you through the nuts-and-bolts of the timeless approach to investing I introduce in my book The Millennial Advantage. And if wealth management sounds like a distant dream, we can focus on other, equally important investments: in the skills, habits and tools that will enable you to create lasting value in your life.

In other words, I’ll help you invest in yourself.




Financial Planning

An ongoing collaborative engagement structured to maximize the impact of each dollar so that you can build wealth and, achieve financial and life goals. As your life changes, we'll be there every step of the way, making changes as we see fit.


Investment Management

Based on your needs, goals and aspirations, we develop a low-cost investment strategy that moves in sync with your evolving objectives.  Our collaborative approach will keep you confident in the most volatile markets.


Personal Growth Coaching

We've designed the ultimate integrated approach to empower you to make consistent smart decisions and transform your life into one of purpose and value. You’ll learn proven techniques to take action so that you can achieve the results you desire.

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Not exactly sure what you need?

The easiest way to find out is to ask


our process


We Discover

 The first step of our engagement is to learn about you. During a two-week discovery period, we'll send you our discovery worksheet and meet as needed so that we can fully understand the mechanics of your situation. We'll also develop and prioritize the action schedule going forward.


We Analyze

After our discovery, we'll go to the drawing board and tailor a program for you.  It's likely we'll meet a few times to present our recommendations and get feedback. We value collaboration because the better you understand your situation, the more confident you'll be when it matters most.


We Coach

So much of success is having someone there to hold you accountable.  For all of our clients, we will meet as needed, but at least twice per year to review your progress and update your program.  We understand life changes, and you can guarantee we'll be there every step of the way.  

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Schedule an introductory video-conference meeting (a.k.a. strategy session) where I will explain more about Grow and even answer some of your most pressing financial questions. 


Are you a business owner?

 The success of your business likely depends on the success of your employees.  We believe that, with proper incentives, each employee has the power to seriously impact an organization.  Rather than being financially invested, employees perform best when they are emotionally invested.  When they want to reciprocate the value they’re obtaining from the employer.

At Grow, we believe that the most effective way to provide employees value is through education and benefits. For a small investment, we will help you motivate your employees by installing and managing a valuable and low-cost employer-sponsored retirement plan, and providing them an educational platform which they can improve their capabilities.

Because after all, Millennials have a healthy set of habits and instincts when it comes to personal growth. They are fast learners, exhibit better discipline than they are given credit for and value meaning and purpose in addition to material wellbeing.  We believe there is incredible untapped potential to combine the two. Take the bad economic hand Millennials have been dealt, add in their healthy habits and instincts, and you have the conditions for a real breakthrough: to empower your young employees to actively respond to the work environment.  But to do this, your employees must know you are invested in their life. And what better way to show this than encourage them to grow.

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A Financial Firm That Understands Influencers!

Even as early as a few years ago, no one thought sharing created digital content on social media would lead to a meaningful career. The truth is no one knows anything!

Successful investing is about dealing with the future yet it’s impossible for anyone to know anything about the future.  At Grow we understand that the future is uncertain and preach that it’s how we react to uncertainty that will determine our long-run success.  “It’s not the strongest species that survives”, Darwin said, “but the one most responsive to change”.

 Just how no one projected your path to success, you have no idea what your future will entail.  That’s why we work with our clients and help them build wealth while remaining adaptive, so that our clients can take advantage of opportunities as they come. 

At Grow, we’ve create a dynamic approach to money management.  It’s our singular and obsessive mission to be the protectors of the wealth you’ve already accumulated, maximize the wealth you’re currently bringing in, and ensure that you have the freedom to do and act as you wish.  We have your back because after all, you need to do what you do best – creating meaningful, educational and inspiring content for your loyal fans.