Our Process


Strategy session, Advisory agreement & payment

After our strategy session, someone from our team will reach out to discuss next steps. We'll require an initial payment before we move forward.  Once that payment is made, we'll send you a copy of our 'Advisory Agreement' which lists the services that we will provided and the time frame which they will be provided.  The agreement can be signed electronically.

Clients can request a full refund of the initial payment at anytime, as long as it is before we conduct our Discovery Meeting.


Discovery & Financial Plan Implementation

Once we confirm the payment, we'll send you a link to our 'Discovery Form', or a set of questions where your answers allow us to get a better understanding of your situation.  We request that you fill out the form only when you have 60 minutes of uninterrupted time.  Once we receive the form, we will reach out to schedule a 'Discovery Meeting'.

Our discovery meeting is usually conducted via video-conference and can last up to 120 minutes.  Afterwards, we go to the drawing board and formulate a schedule of actionable steps or 'Implementation Schedule' to get you on the right track with your money. Anywhere from 5-10 business days after the meeting is complete, we will reach out to schedule another meeting where we discuss the Implementation Schedule, gather feedback and agree on the optimal steps going forward. Implementation can last anywhere from 2-4 weeks. Some of these tasks will be handled by our team and some we must tackle together.  

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Ongoing financial planning & coaching

Once the initial action steps are implemented, our service model begins.  You will receive log-in credentials so that you can view your portfolio and financial plan whenever you like. We will be in touch monthly, and meet (in person or via video conference) at least twice per year, possibly more often if needed. Those of you which sign up for our Grow 360 program will begin building strong habits and, those who sign up for one-on-one personal growth coaching will begin sessions. I'm always available so you can contact us via phone or text anytime you like (we'll respond as quickly as possible)!

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