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The popular cookie-cutter investing advice these days is have an over-diversified portfolio that mirrors the market with index funds and similar investments. Sometimes that works out great. But at other times, like the two market collapses we’ve already seen this century, this approach is disastrous. Other investment gurus try to beat the market with trendy “hot” picks.

The best investors remain independent. They know when to ride the market. But they also know when the market is irrationally overpriced or underpriced—at which time the wisest course is to go against the grain of conventional wisdom. Taking into account your individual circumstances and goals, as well as your risk tolerance, I’ll help craft a course that’s right for you.


An Investment strategy tailored for you


Tax Efficient

Cumulatively, and over time, costs will significantly undermine your long-term returns and leave you with a much smaller nest egg in the end. Often the biggest bite out your investment returns  is going to come courtesy of the taxman. So we ensure an efficient tax portfolio through investing in the right types of securities and placing them in the right types of accounts.



Your needs will change over time so you can ensure our investment approach moves in sync with your evolving objectives. Regardless of what stage of life you’re in, your investment strategy will appropriately address your needs at the level your circumstances require. Our collaborative approach will keep you confident even in the most volatile markets.


Different By Design

Our value-driven investment strategies are developed in-house, through leveraging the most reputable unbiased research in the business. We pride ourselves on employing an independent thought process, not over-diversifying or copying index fund managers. We don't invest in expensive mutual funds or private offerings.  Our clients portfolios are primarily made up of individual securities and low-cost ETFs.

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What it includes:

  • An Investment Policy Statement (IPS), which is a written document communicating the investment strategy going forward. 

  • Investment accounts are held with TD Ameritrade Institutional.


Starting at an annual fee of 1% - 1.5% of assets under management. That's $100-$150 per year for every $10,000 of investible assets.


Want to learn more?  Schedule an introductory video-conference meeting where I will explain more about Grow and even answer some of your most pressing financial questions.