The Story Behind Our Grow 360 Program

By trade, I’m a financial advisor. It’s what I do.

Yet it’s not who I am. It’s not what lights my fire and gets me up in the morning. It’s not my purpose.

My book The Millennial Advantage started out as a kind of toolkit for young investors: a resource enabling them to take control of their financial destiny. But it evolved into something more. In the book’s later chapters, I found myself talking a lot about…purpose. And about routines, and habits, and a philosophy of life.

In other words, I was edging over into the territory usually associated with a life coach. But I didn’t see those two topics – life, and finance – as separate. In my view, they’re inseparable, and should work hand in hand. We’re more likely to save and be smart with money when we see ourselves as building toward a meaningful goal—and not just hitting a milestone on some chart. And it turns out that the skills which make for success and fulfillment in just about every walk of life, every human endeavor, also come in handy in the area of investing.

So, as I worked on the book’s final edits, I realized that my approach to being a financial advisor also had to evolve.  I came to the conclusion that financial advice for young people needs to go beyond the narrow confines of traditional wealth management and that life coaching is one (possibly the best) way financial advisors can provide a more holistic service that factors in their client’s skills, experiences, purpose and potential.

I realized that my primary responsibility as an investment advisor is to help Millennials invest in themselves. For Millennials, the next ten years are a crucial time to establish strong life-long habits. More than financial capital, Millennials must create self-capital, or experiences and skills that compound over and over and create long-term value. So I launched my investment firm Grow to step forward and offer a more extensive, holistic set of services that integrates finance and life, goals and purpose, money and meaning. My company speaks a different language, and we walk the walk. We’re redefining wealth and value by embracing not just the material and financial aspects, but also experience, purpose, community, and fulfillment.

Grow is my way of being able to continuing my lifelong journey (to become the best person I can possibly be) in my professional life. I’ve always been fascinated by self-improvement.  Long before writing the book, I read hundreds (literally) of self-improvement books, experimented with both popular and not-so-popular improvement techniques, and have built a strong foundation on how the brain works, how it impacts our decision making and how we can program it to help us achieve our dreams.  Because after all, without action, no progress is made.

Our Grow 360 program is one way we help our clients transform your life into one of value.  We've taken insight from hundreds of the world’s most successful men and women and created a program that will give you the support, know-how, and accountability to shape these habits. You’ll improve your mind, body and spirit, strengthen relationships, learn tips to remain motivated, learn better time management; take consistent steps toward building personal and professional value; and bring an entrepreneurial mindset to all aspects of your life.

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