Why We're Valuable (Part II)

Financial advice for Millennials needs to go beyond the narrow confines of traditional wealth management.  Life and personal growth coaching should go deeper than the shallow basis of typical self-improvement. Mantras like “follow your bliss” sound nice but offer little long-term value.

Our personal growth platform explicitly rejects the follow-your-bliss model of setting life goals because not every Millennial knows what they’re passionate about (studies show only one-in-five do). Based on recent research on the science of peak performance, my solution is to focus on process: on shaping routines that are constantly creative, productive, changing, and evolving.       

In many areas of achievement, a goals-oriented approach (the idea that the key is to set clear goals and then make incremental progress toward those goals) is increasingly being substituted for a process-oriented one. It’s not that goals are bad in themselves. A long-term goal can certainly guide us forward.  But when we’re working our asses off with the hopes of creating a fulfilling life – a pre-occupation with goals can backfire. An emphasis on process may seem more difficult at first, but it is more sustainable, more flexible, and more adaptable.

A process mindset, together with a general sense of purpose, creates consistency. (It’s no coincidence that these are the keys to long-term success as an investor as well.) Consistent progress (achieved from strong habits and routines) compound over time, just like interest.

Uncertainty is likely the defining characteristic of our time—not only in the markets, but in the economy, and in society in general. Those with an adaptive mindset, who embrace uncertainty, are in the best position to weather the storms ahead. Darwin said “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.” And I believe that today, it’s more important than ever to adopt an effective set of routines and practices to nurture the proper mindset and to adapt, quickly and with vigor.

Our generation believes in our ability to create change in the world around us.  Some think it’s a sense of entitlement but it’s not.  It’s just that we feel empowered!   Which is exactly why Grow, and our type of Total Life Management—one that integrates financial coaching and life coaching, and finds the vital middle where money and meaning intersect is effective.