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A Great opportunity for young, motivated students 

Interested in a career in Wealth Management?

If so, smart decision.

The Wealth Management industry is aging rapidly.  There are twice as many CFP® Professionals over 70 than under 30.  Over the next few decades, baby boomers will be transferring wealth to their Millennial children in what may be the largest transference of wealth in recent history.  Within the next few years, it's very likely the financial industry will be looking for talented young professionals to capture this opportunity.  Better yet, Millennials are skeptical of large institutions and wary about fee transparency.  Being a fee-only financial planning firm dedicated to Millennials, we're in a great position to fill their needs!

We're looking to young, motivated students to devote 5-10 hours per week to Grow and our clients.  This is a great opportunity to get hands on experience of what it means to help people use money as a tool to reach their goals and live a certain type of lifestyle.  

Interns will have the chance to perform industry research, learn digital and social media marketing, assist with client-facing responsibilities and more, all while sitting in the comfortable confines of their own home.  This is a strictly virtual position. 

This is not a compensated role.  In addition to this being a great learning experience and something exciting to discuss on your CV, in return for your time, I'll invest one hour of my personal time per week for you.  This may mean discussing the financial industry, helping you build strong positive habits, preparing you to compete in the real world or helping you land a permanent job after college.  Whichever it is, i'll ensure this experience is a valuable one!

If this sounds like something that interests you, fill out the form below and I'll reach out within a few days.

I look forward to getting to know you.

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