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Financial planning is about identifying and working within given constraints to uncover effective solutions.  Life is full of these constraints: time, money, circumstance etc.  You cannot have an unlimited amount of everything so you have to be resourceful.  This process requires creative thinking and a deep understanding of financial principles.  It also requires ongoing communication and collaboration.  Constraints change and solutions expire so it’s crucial to be able to adapt to the current environment. 

A good financial advisor helps you with more than just investing. In these uncertain times, it is crucial to know how to save smart, spend smart, budget smart, earn smart, and also be smart about managing debt. 

I can help you uncover effective solutions through Ongoing Coaching, or a one-time Focused Session.  



  • Tax Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Education Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Cash Flow and Budgeting
  • Debt Repayment
  • Insurance and Risk Management
  • and more...

What it Includes:

  • Actionable advice
  • Ongoing education
  • Quarterly discussions
  • Holistic focus
  • Access to our network of tax, law and insurance professionals


  • $500 - $750 at the start of our engagement followed by a monthly subscription of $150 - $200 per month.
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Why an ongoing relationship?

Because your future is uncertain and impossible to project.  So, instead of making assumptions, we remain agile and dynamic.  Think of us as your financial and life coach. As your life changes, your goals will evolve and we'll be there every step of the way, making changes as we see fit.    We also don't want to overwhelm you with seemingly exhaustive list of action items.  Rather, we focus on the most important issues first. We assess your most urgent need, formulate a plan to address it and, in time, move on to subsequent areas. Eventually, each aspect of your financial life will be carefully constructed.  As your coach, I am here to help whenever necessary.


Not ready to commit to an ongoing relationship?  

Our Focused Session is for you!

 What it includes:

  • A 60-minute video-conference call to understand your circumstances, needs, goals and desires.

  • A written follow up document (2-4 pages long) that communicates our recommendations.
  • An investment policy statement (IPS) detailing a personalized investment strategy.
  • Investment accounts at TD Ameritrade (Optional)
  • An "implementation" schedule detailing what steps need to be taken to implement our recommendations.

Any planning needs outside the scope of this engagement will be available at an hourly rate.


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Do you live abroad?  

Learn how we help Expatriates manage their finances. 


Want to learn more?  Schedule an introductory video-conference meeting where I will explain more about Grow and even answer some of your most pressing financial questions. 

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